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Anne Randolph inspires, motivates and entertains authors as she helps bring out your best writing. Whether you participate in the safe environment of a class, take a private session, or even write from home, her unique teaching style helps unlock your creativity in ways you never thought possible. You’ll be surprised at how easily you create. As the “Writing Muse”, Anne inspires writers to find the courage, craft and creativity to write the story of your life!


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  • Summer afternoon…


    Summer afternoon – summer afternoon, to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language. - Henry James The summer solstice is upon us, and with it the longest day of the year. What will you do with the extra daylight? W…Read More

  • Sweet Home Alabama

    Many readers aren't aware that fiction writers do research for their books, sometimes more than authors of nonfiction. I was raised in Montgomery, Alabama, where my forthcoming Southern Gothic novel, SWEET BYE AND BYE, takes place in 1945. But I didn…Read More

  • All About Anne

    I had a blast sharing my Sweet Home Alabama post that appeared a few days ago. Since then, several readers have asked me to share fun facts about myself. You won't find some of these in my official author bio. Ten Things Few People Know about Montgomery,…Read More

  • Monroeville, Alabama. Pop. 6,519

    Monroeville's Courthouse - the setting for much of the action in To Kill A Mockingbird

    Residents of Monroeville, Alabama recently gathered to celebrate the release of famous resident Harper Lee’s long lost novel, “Go Set A Watchman.” The book release festivities featured an Atticus Finch impersonator, food trucks to feed the crowds, …Read More

  • Lasting Inspiration


    We’ve all heard the plea, “For less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can change a life.” But in this case it’s really true! You can pick up the Kindle version of Stories Gathered at the Kitchen Table for less than the cost of your favorite …Read More

  • A New Kind of Socialite

    Who knew when I started this journey of being a writer that social media would play such a big part? The world of publishing has changed so much in such a short time, it is sometimes hard to keep up. I even have a YouTube channel, for goodness sake! But I…Read More

  • Renovating your Home

    Isn’t іt great thаt you don’t have tо buу hеарѕ аnd hеарѕ of buіldіng materials to buіld a house frоm ѕсrаtсh? You саn ѕіmрlу take an оld еxіѕtіng one and add new features. Plus, now a days, there are great options to b…Read More

  • Jane Austen at QB?


    The popularity of fantasy football has exploded in recent years, exposing football fans to the talents and skills of players beyond their hometown favorites. If you’re not familiar with how it works - participants draft their favorite players from acros…Read More

  • Beware of Books!


    September 27 marks the beginning of the 33rd annual Banned Books Week, which was begun to draw attention to the increasing number of books being challenged due to content deemed inappropriate for one reason or another. The Tattered Cover has published the…Read More

  • Words Worth Sharing


    Maybe the key to making government more civilized is adding some artistic inspiration to the mix? Upon his election to the Seattle City Council in 1998, Nick Licata instituted poetry readings to be held before his committee meetings, in the belief that th…Read More