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HOW TO ORGANIZE YOUR WORK Some folks have asked me:  How can I organize the writing I have already done? During the week of each writing session, I suggest that you type your entry into your computer exactly as you wrote it. Give it a title and a date. I include the time of day […]


WRITING BY HAND Writers often ask me why I recommend that we do “fresh writing” by hand rather than on the computer. I believe that writing by hand a kinesthetic action. When we write by hand we connect closer to the heart and more easily access our personal truth. “What comes from the pen in […]

Tip to Get Started Writing

To warm-up your writing:  Begin free writing about the fact that you are writing.  When the energy begins to flow, flip into your work.

“Fresh Writing”

Got suggestion to get started.  Soup Kitchen Writing recommends:“Fresh Writing” is a writer’s warm up.  When you sit down to write, let anything come out of your pen.  Begin writing and continue with what ever comes up. Step One:  Let the pen do the talking.  Anne Randolph


Why practice writing?  Remember the joke:  A tourist asks a New York native:  “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  The answer: … Practice.”  To play the piano, we practice.  The baseball pitcher practices.  What makes us think we can write without practice.  Here is the start of 10 Steps to Practice Writing from “Rules […]