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New Year’s Resolution: Accept my cluttered desk!

Here is the question:  Do we really have to clean up our workspace?  Somehow we are weighted down with the responsibility to work in a neat spot: papers in order, pens in a row, clever files.  Make room for the chi to flow, or is it chai. move those chai filled cups off the ledge. Check out […]

Let’s Talk About Writing

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Why Write with a Fountain Pen

For a Holiday Greeting I share this Christmas letter from a writer special to me about “Writing by Hand” 12/25/07Dear Bill, Just a few odds and ends thoughts are included for your advanced education regarding fountain pen use:Included with your package of fine Christmas gifts is a scotch tape dispenser. The tape of course is […]

Carols Create Harmony

My community each year sings Carols.  We used to tromp through the snow door to door and get so frozen that the drops on the end of our noses turned to ice.  These past two years we have sung indoors.  Our voices at first crack because no one has a chance to sing anymore.  Then after a few […]

“How about that novel you’ve been working on.”

Too priceless to miss.  Does this sound familiar? Laugh with the Family Guy.  Oh my, everything he says hits home!  ““How about that novel you’ve been working on…the one you’ve worked on for 3 years”…how about 5 years!“How about that novel you’ve been working on?”   Click this YouTube link   for the Family Guy.  Does this […]


Holidays can interfere with our writing. Below are some tips to help you organize your work during this Christmas and Holiday Season. Here are a few things to do to help put your piece together. 1.  Write one paragraph that tells what your story is about.           Include who are the characters, where does it take place, […]


Next Step to Organize Your Work: How can I organize the writing I have already done? Step One:During the week of each writing session, I suggest that you type your entry into your computer exactly as you wrote it. Give it a title and a date. I include the time of day because 8:00 am […]

Why Fresh Write?

One thought on “fresh writing”:  Writing freely is a great way to keep the mind alert preserving the creative side of our thinking.  Often and more often than we care to digest, the nonprofit/business world sucks away our intuition and even our selves. Fresh writing helps us claim who we are.  


I started a list of the top 10 RULES OF THE ROAD for practice writing. Step #2.  “To be in the now.” When we write we want to acknowledge what ever is going on immediately, right now. If the phone rings, someone comes to your door, the garbage truck goes by, Note these activites, incorporate […]