I started a list of the top 10 RULES OF THE ROAD for practice writing. Step #2.  “To be in the now.” When we write we want to acknowledge what ever is going on immediately, right now. If the phone rings, someone comes to your door, the garbage truck goes by, Note these activites, incorporate them in your story, be present. James Joyce incorporated someone coming to his door in his writing and it worked in his work.  Coleridge got interupted writing “Kubla Khan”, a work of genius, but only think of what we would have if he stayed with the work and did not open the door.


for “Fresh Writing”

1. Let the pen do the talking.

2. Be present: in the now.

Got ideas why being “present” is so important when we write?   Let me know. Anne


  • Got any more suggestions? What do I do with my practice writing. Is this stuff to throw away? Jim

    JimDecember 1, 2007
  • I used to try to type this material each day. Now I mark sections with colored tabs if there is something of merit in the work. I am not sure when I will get back to this material but at least I can find it. I for sure keep too much of my material in hard copy. Got any suggestions on how to part with old work? Anne

    AnneDecember 2, 2007
  • Writing requires concentration. Unless one is writing about a garbage truck, it is best to be in a setting where one does not appear. Be at one with the garbage truck, then write about it. Ron

    RonDecember 2, 2007

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