Carols Create Harmony

My community each year sings Carols.  We used to tromp through the snow door to door and get so frozen that the drops on the end of our noses turned to ice.  These past two years we have sung indoors.  Our voices at first crack because no one has a chance to sing anymore.  Then after a few songs, folks break into harmony and we create a bond.

If we sang together would our world regain harmony.  Prompt: Write about our culture’s loss of song.


  • What a special time.  It was an enormously nourishing experience for me and my soul- to be surrounded by such warm, supportive, wise and gifted people- Wow! I carried the experience with me throughout the day.

    You have such a talent for bringing divine individuals together –yes, like soup- a mixture of young and not as young, various professions, opinions galore… and somehow the time we spend together simmers to create one-of-a-kind nourishing banquets only we in attendance can savor.   Rita 

    RitaDecember 20, 2007

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