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Encourage, Encourage, Encourage

Creativity is a positive force.  Encouragement is art’s life blood.  It is great to get the encouragement of others, but the most important encouragement comes from ourselves.Go forth.  Write. Encourage yourself.   Anne

What others say!

“I still believe you have the best writing classes in the city. And the soup is great!” Dana Bennett, writer “In a workshop by Anne Randolph, I was given the phrase ‘Going Back’ and asked to write about it for 20 minutes. The purpose was to record an idea without editing, punctuation or perfecting […]


  Got plenty of writing? Here are a few things to do to help put your piece together. Tips to GET IT TOGETHER1. Write one paragraph that tells what your story is about. Include motivation of the characters, where does it take place, what is the conflict? 2. Distill this to two sentences about the […]

New Year’s Tip To Get Back To Writing!

It’s easy to get back in the writing swing after the holidays. HERE’S A TIP TO GET GOING:Warm up your writing with this tip from my soon to be published,  Soup Kitchen Writing: How To Write Your Life Story One Bite At A Time. RULE #1: LET THE PEN DO THE TALKING Let anything come out of your […]