Honor Your Work

Do other writers or writing workshops sometimes discourage and slow down your own writing process?  This has happened to me more times than is healthy.  Some leaders point out the inadequecies of their clients in a way that is not good for the writing spirit.

Here is my conclusion:  We write what we write with the abilities that we have.  If we compare ourselves to the Masters, we would never pick up the pen.  Yet t
he Masters are great teachers and inspire us.  Use them.

Write with your best ability. Of course we can improve, but we are where we are, right now, which is not only fine
but it is who we are. Honor your progress and honor your work.

EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING TO SAY AND THE RIGHT TO SAY IT to the best of our ability.  Write on,  Anne


  • Right on, Anne. Keep up the encouragement against the naysayers. It’s hard enough to write without the critics discouraging you.

    Patricia TompkinsFebruary 2, 2008
  • Do not depend on encouragement for creative accomplishment. Perseverance is essential. However, dump discouragement in any form immediately. Even EE Cummings got something said.

    RonFebruary 7, 2008
  • Anne,Thankfully you are one of the first writing teachers I have worked with. I can’t imagine being mentored by anyone who is not supportive, encouraging and inspiring- like you. Isn’t there a saying about “what bothers us the most about other peoples mistakes or problems is usually something we too could correct…” Perhaps you are so generous with your support because you are confident about your own work and that translates into finding the beauty in all of our work too (even when it is just newly budding beauty). Thank you for being here Anne.

    Rita ZamoraMarch 10, 2008
  • What a great comment.  You have made my day.  Thank you.  I strive to be supportive when people are writing and creating because I beleive all success is positive based.  Being vulnerable is the route to truth in our work.  Vulnerability is a tender state to be nurtured and celebrated.

    I share the support that I also like to have with my own work.   Anne

    Soup Kitchen WritingMarch 10, 2008

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