Write TACtile! Thursday pm Feb 28

Anyone who has heard of Tiger Woods knows that he’s considered one of golf’s all time greats.  As phenomenal as the Tiger is, he still works with a variety of professionals on a weekly basis to “up” his game. 


So, how good a writer are you?  Truthfully? Who are you working with to “up” your writing skills, your story lines, and your ability to move to the top of the game.


Next month is CIPA’s annual College. The EVVYs will be revealed. Many good ideas and concepts could have been presented as “great” if they had had the right tweaking.  And a great writing coach.


This month’s CIPA ArmChair brings you that coach.  Anne Randolph is a master in the craft of writing. 
Her Writing Soup Kitchenshave taken so-so writers to good … and good writers to great. Anne will show you how to …

1    create incredible images

2    put your words into action

3    how to use “tension” to grab the reader’s interest.

No author should miss this groundbreaking ArmChair.  Reserve your spot now for Thursday, February 28th.  And, bring your appetite … delicious soup will be ready for all! 

Register now CIPA Armchair, seating is limited.  A CIPA member benefit.

Dr. Judith Briles, Past CIPA President
Colorado Independent Publishers Association