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Still time to join us for our GET IT TOGETHER session on Sat June 28 from 9:00-2:00 at the Tactile arts center in Tamarac Square.  Bring paper and pen, a stack of your past writing, index cards and your imagination.  Also bring samples of ways that you organize your material to share.  at TACTILE ARTS CENTER IN […]

Just write!

 At our last Soup Kitchen folks wrote a letter to their manuscript.  This one might inspire you.  Anne RandolphDear Me, Write. Be damned the critic. Write. Crack open, let the words outs. Write. Let go, let creativity flow. Quiet your mind and meditate with your pen in hand. Write. Keep your pen moving, spill out […]


Reply: What a great comment.  You have made my day.  Thank you.  I strive to be supportive when people are writing and creating because I beleive all success is positive based.  Being vulnerable is the route to truth in our work.  Vulnerability is a tender state to be nurtured and celebrated. I share the support that […]

Why Practice Writing?

Why practice writing?  Remember the joke:  A tourist asks a New York native:  “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  The answer: … Practice.”  To play the piano, we practice.  The baseball pitcher practices.  What makes us think we can write without practice.  Here is the start of 10 Steps to Practice Writing from “Rules […]

How to Create Conflict

The power of writing a story or screenplay is to create well delineated characters and a strong the storyline with evident conflict, action, and resolution.  Even Aristotle defined these aspects of story. Get quickly into the conflict and directly to the meat of the matter, the heart, cut to the chase. (Avoid cliché.  Can you define “cut to the […]