Just write!

 At our last Soup Kitchen folks wrote a letter to their manuscript.  This one might inspire you.  Anne Randolph

Dear Me,

Write. Be damned the critic. Write. Crack open, let the words outs. Write. Let go, let creativity flow. Quiet your mind and meditate with your pen in hand.

Write. Keep your pen moving, spill out words, string them together as pearls in a necklace, bright, shiny, but each one slight different, slightly imperfect. Write.

Close your ear. Jettison your need to be responsible. Just write.

Connect with your higher self and let the Universe flow through your pen. Go with the flow, let the ink flow and pages turn, just write.

Don’t think, don’t anguish. Get to the heart, your heart, your heroine’s heart, any heart. Open up, tell the truth, be honest.

Don’t listen to the critic. Let your Muse silence him – bind him in duct tape and throw him in the closet! Damn it – Just Write!

Cheryl Callighan