Still time to join us for our GET IT TOGETHER session on Sat June 28 from 9:00-2:00 at the Tactile arts center in Tamarac Square.  Bring paper and pen, a stack of your past writing, index cards and your imagination.  Also bring samples of ways that you organize your material to share.  at TACTILE ARTS CENTER IN TAMARAC SQUARE

Grasp technigues to

  • Discover theme

  • Organize scenes and chapters

  • Increase tension in the writing

As well when folks ask “What’s your book about?”

  • Create a one sentence pitch

  • A 30 second elevator speech

  • One paragraph description

  • Plus a written overview of your project

 We will also learn

  • Techniques to bring Chapter order

  • Instruction on mechanics of organizing

  • Tips for filing, computer backup, use of cards

  • Steps to bring structure to your editing


  • A visual overview of your story

…and lunch… PLUS MORE

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