Meet Author Alyson Stanfield and her new book “I’d Rather Be In the Studio!”

Today I’m hosting Alyson B. Stanfield, author of I’d Rather Be in the Studio! The Artist’s No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion. Alyson is here as part of the blog tour to help promote the book and is also giving away a free copy. She’s invited me to ask a question related to the book. Welcome, Alyson.

ALYSON: Thank you for inviting me here, Anne. I have loved every writing workshop I’ve attended with you. You are such a positive person and I’m thrilled you wanted to host me on your blog.

ANNE:  That’s great.  And thanks for the quote in your book from our workshop on “Why do we write by hand.”  You are a genius in marketing. Let’s get right to some questions.  And folks read on, you can win one of Alyson’s new book.

How much time do you spend in writing your blog and emarketing materials?

ALYSON: This varies greatly and I really should keep track of it. In fact, your question has prompted me to do so. Maybe we can do a follow-up post next month and I’ll let you know a definite answer.

What you should know now is that in the beginning of, I spent probably 80% of my time marketing. I was trying to build an audience for my newsletter and randomly sent it to anyone who cared to open it. (Don’t do this unless you plan on personalizing each email. Otherwise, it’s considered spam.) Someone once told me that small business development centers tell start-ups that they should spend 70% of their time marketing for the first couple of years. I believe it.

Right now, I do very little direct marketing. I have a subscriber base of more than 7,000, which tends to help me get the word out. My goal is to keep writing a value-laden newsletter and helpful blog posts. This is how people find me. Good news travels fast! All of my workshops these days are the result of invitations sent to me. In other words, I didn’t have to seek them out. For this reason, my schedule looks very different from someone who is just starting to build a business.

What does your marketing schedule look like?

The things I do each month (or about once a month):

Write at least one article for publication, such as one for Art Calendar.

Host one complimentary teleseminar with a special guest.

Check my Web site stats.

Meet with a couple of people for coffee or lunch.

Meet with my mastermind partner.

Things I do each week:

Write my newsletter and record it as a podcast.

Link my newsletter in a blog post somehow.

Listen to an expert on a teleseminar. Last week, I listened to one on creating video for your site. I’m all pumped up about doing video now.

Attend one meeting, such as the monthly Colorado Independent Publishers Association meeting.

Check Facebook. I’m not terribly adept at this yet, but I keep going back and old friends and classmates find me, which I think is amazing.

Check my blog stats.

Update my Web sites. I have a number of them, so there’s always something that needs work. I tend to do the updates as needed.

Send thank-you notes. Lately I’ve been sending them to people who leave nice reviews on my book’s page.

Allow time for planning. Currently, I’m planning an artist seminar in Colorado next fall. It’s my response to having to travel so much this spring.

Things I do each day:

Comment on blogs. I am addicted to Google Alerts, so I know right when someone has posted something about me or my book on their blog. So, I hop over to their site and leave a comment.

Check in with clients and students in my classes. You may not think of this as marketing, but I do. It’s critical to maintaining relationships.

Blog. Really, I don’t post to my blog every day. The posts seem to come in fits and starts, so I might have a ton of ideas for blog posts on one day. If they’re not time sensitive, I’ll postdate them and pretty soon I have a week’s worth of posts.

Plan my day. This is my most important step. I do it at night and review it again in the morning.

Twitter (this is new to my schedule and I don’t know where it will lead, but I’m trying it out–see’

Please link here for the free book giveaway instructions:  Interested in winning a free copy of’I’d Rather Be in the Studio! The Artist’s No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion’ Visit this site, read the instructions, and enter. Your odds are good as she’s giving away a free copy on most of the blog tour stops. You can increase your odds by visiting the other blog tour stops and entering on those sites as well.


And thanks for joining us. Here is how to reach her.   ANNE

Alyson B. Stanfield   

Author of

I’d Rather Be in the Studio!

The Artist’s No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion

P.O. Box 988
Golden, CO 80402


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  • Great question Anne. Alyson – I love your detailed answer. Thank you – I always learn something from you.

    Lisa CallApril 25, 2008
  • Anne- What a great question!! Allyson – I have been following along with your blog tour – The info is very enlightening! I enjoyed learning your schedule- it is really something I need to work on. A real schedule- not a do when I can schedule!

    (I put your book up on my blog . . .Anne – I write about this interview on my blog today! Thanks again!)


    ReneeApril 25, 2008
  • Anne,
    I am so glad you asked Alyson these questions. I learn more and more at every stop on the blog tour. This stop is filled with plenty of jewels.

    Robin Maria PedreroApril 26, 2008
  • I have been following Allyson’s e-mail right along since I discovered her a couple of months ago. I am a retired realtor getting back into art after a long hiatus. So, while I am trying to get an inventory built up and renew my rusty skills, this is important information. I especially enjoyed seeing her schedule…it gives me some idea how to accomplishes her goals.

    Thanks again. I sure would like a copy of her book. I did plan to purchase it sometime in the future. Funds are tight right now….building my studio and buying lots of supplies.

    T. Fay Williams
    I work primarily in oils.

    T Fay WilliamsApril 26, 2008
  • Hi Anne,
    First time visitor, and I should say what an intersting blog! I am from the other side of the creative world in that I’m a painter.

    I’m always interested in the aspects of creativity and what fuels/hinders it, and you touch on those things on your blog. We’re all striving to increase our creative blasts, aren’t we? Be it visual, words, music or movement, I think they all have common threads in the process.

    And Alyson is the master at helping artists to understand how to bring our creations out to the rest of the world. It’s good to hear how the “big dogs” do it day-to-day. How to not drop the ball and still push the creative process.

    Thank you to you both!

    TracyApril 27, 2008
  • I’ve been following Allyson’s blog for about a year now. She’s always got thoughtful – and highly relevant – articles for visual artists who want to market their work. Worth the time!

    Huguette Despault MayApril 27, 2008
  • Thanks for dropping by the  I’d love to know where you are and your interest in art and writing.  Alyson has friends all across the country.  Have you seen her book.  It has great information for folks in all field of creation.   Anne

    Soup Kitchen WritingApril 27, 2008
  • Good to hear from you Lisa.  Have you tried any of Alison’s marketing techniques.  Do you write as well as do art.
    You can link to her new book just click on the blog.  Would love to hear about your interest in creating.  Anne

    Soup Kitchen WritingApril 27, 2008
  • Thanks Renee,  I love the schedule idea as well.  What’s your blog address and we will drop by.  Tell us a bit more about your interest in writing and art?  Nice to meet you.  Anne

    Soup Kitchen WritingApril 30, 2008
  • Hi Robin,  Thanks for stopping by.  I was delighted to see you as a host for Alyson’s blog tour. Isn’t she a genius. I loved seeing some of the paintings you have features.  What type of writing do you do to accompany your art.
    Hope to hear from you.  Anne

    Soup Kitchen WritingApril 30, 2008
  • I’m just back in town from the Pikes Peak Writers Conference in Colorado Springs and am trying to catch up with blog comments.  Thanks so much for stopping by.  I would love to know more about your writing and interest in art.  Hope to hear from you.  Anne

    Soup Kitchen WritingApril 30, 2008
  • I’m just back in town from the Pikes Peak Writers Conference in Colorado Springs and am trying to catch up with blog comments.  Thanks so much for stopping by.  I would love to know more about your writing and interest in art.  Hope to hear from you.  Anne

    Soup Kitchen WritingApril 30, 2008
  • Hi Fay,  Thanks for stopping by.  Click on Alyson’s site for information on how to win her book.  How delightful to get back into painting. Do you do any writing as well.  I’d love to hear more about your work.  Anne

    Soup Kitchen WritingApril 30, 2008
  • Hi Tracy,  I love your phrase “creative blasts”.   Yest words, art, music all have that wonderful inspiring common thread and to be able to tap into that fuel is what our creation is about.  Delighted to hear from you. Tell me a bit about your painting and your writing.  Anne 

    Soup Kitchen WritingApril 30, 2008
  • Hi Lisa,  I just had a chance to go to your website.  What amazing geometric designs.  There is something cleansing and refreshing about each one.  I also see that we are neighbors right here in Denver.  Let me know more about where you show your art.  Anne Randolph

    Soup Kitchen WritingApril 30, 2008

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