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Writing in Santa Fe

I’m off to Santa Fe for my 8th year to lead Writers Warmup at the Screenwriters Conference in Santa Fe along with Christopher Vogler of The Writer’s Journey, Jeff Arch author of Sleepless in Seattle and Cynthia Whitcomb writer of over 70 produced screenplays.  Great company.  Check out their website at  Interesting people in the […]


 Here are some start lines that can always ignite your writing. Start with one of these lines. Repeat the line until something starts churning. Write whatever comes out of your pen. Be courageous, say anything from your “grocery list” to “My mother had too much stuff. I felt…” Write at least 10 minutes or at […]


You have been doing great work.  Your new challenge:  Send it out.  Post samples of your story in the comments on this  Go to comments, paste a bit of your story up to 3000 characters.  See yourself in print.

Dear Ending

At our last Soup Kitchen, editor Karen Reddick wrote this letter to her manuscript.  Can’t we relate to the same frustration when our writing has sat for a bit.  Thanks, Karen for sharing.  Let’s get back to our editing and writing and refind ourselves.  To all of us, finish that book!  Anne Randolph Writing […]