Dear Ending

At our last Soup Kitchen, editor Karen Reddick wrote this letter to her manuscript.  Can’t we relate to the same frustration when our writing has sat for a bit.  Thanks, Karen for sharing.  Let’s get back to our editing and writing and refind ourselves.  To all of us, finish that book!  Anne Randolph

Writing prompt: To my writing: Dear . . .
By Karen L. Reddick

Dear Ending,

Will you ever end this 10 year agony? Will you allow me to finish this masterpiece that I call a Novel?

The stage has been set, the cast has been drawn, but the curtain will not fall. So many people have read your work and so many people want you to finish what’s started.

Give me a sign that you are ready. Give me a clue so I can move on.

The steps are in place, the readers’ await, but you sit in a drawer, unable to show yourself. You sit in a drawer, failure you say. You poser, you phony, you fake. The ending holds back for fear of exposure. For if the ending would come then the story would show that you’re not a writer, just a two-bit ‘ho.

How silly you are to think you can write. Your muse is gone now. Close this chapter and say goodnight.

Move on, move one, the story is great! Success, success it’s there don’t wait!

Karen Reddick, Author of Grammar Done Right