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Persistence Pays Off

A class member from the Screenwriters Conference in Santa Fe asked about building relations with agents, editors and producers.  Here’s my response: I have found that making pitches is a numbers game. The more you make the better the response. Generally you will not hear back from folks you send scripts to or you will […]


I am excited to offer a workshop for the Girl Scout Leadership Conference this week.  Through Building Leadership: Teaching Democracy, 35 Senior Scouts have participated in the UnConventional Women’s Forum sponsored by Swanee Hunt and benefited from the DNC Conference in Denver this week.  Here is a summary of material I presented in their blogging […]

Keep Writing. Be Persistent.

A FEW WEEKS AGO I WAS HAVING TROUBLE KEEPING GOING WITH MY MANUSCRIPT.  I did two things.  1. Two other writers and I formed a MasterMind Group where we check in each week to see where we are with our goals.  The first two weeks of this experience was great for me.  I was extremely […]

A Writer Is

What a great way to describe “The Writer.”  This entry is from  participant in summer workshop.  Post your own version of “What is a Writer.”  Anne Randolph    A writer is… fresh, revolutionary, dressed in the garb of her grandmothers words, all the words she herself could not, would not, dared not speak. A […]