A Writer Is

What a great way to describe “The Writer.”  This entry is from  participant in www.WriteYourLifeStory.org summer workshop.  Post your own version of “What is a Writer.”  Anne Randolph       www.SoupKitchenWriting.com 


A writer is… fresh, revolutionary, dressed in the garb of her grandmothers words, all the words she herself could not, would not, dared not speak. A writer is a cliff dweller with hawk eyes overlooking the sunrise and sunset of all that is and describing in detail how it feels, tastes, looks and smells. Nothing escapes the writers reach or grip unless she chooses to ignore or deny or overlook. All of life enters in naked and filters back out clothed in words, as poetry sensible or insane. A writer does not seek to please. A writer tells the truth. A true writer knows what old fashioned honesty is, simple honesty from the old days, the kind we wish politicians had. A writer is radical and deep, unique and desperate. Seething with creation all pent up if caught without a pen.  

Taryn   www.WriteYourLifeStory.org