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Got a New Year’s Resolution to write more in 2009?  Hard to get back into gear after the holidays?  Set your intension for 2009.  Promise to spend time with your self, writing.   Make a commitment to yourself and give yourself time for writing.The commitment: WRITE EACH DAY!  Adapt this intention to your own schedule:  […]

WRITING PROMPTS: Post new prompts and receive a bonus!

Keep up your writing through the Holidays.  SUGGESTED OPENING LINES   Post 10 start lines in comments or email to *protected email*  and receive a Holiday bonus!) “When he…” “Against all odds…” “Sometime I…”   “What if I…” “Everyday I…” “One day I…”  Post your writing in comments or at

Opening Lines

Create your own start lines.  Email your lines to *protected email* or post them in comments and win a bonus!  Holly Joyce submitted these start lines for the Holidays and won a free workshop.  Pick two openings and write for 10 minutes each.The trick is to write the start line a few times. Begin writing and […]

Write Your Way to Good Health

How does writing influence the way we feel?  Here is a suggestion of a few start lines to either write or to spend some time thinking  about these lines.  Try writing your way to good health. To nurture myself I.. I feel better when… A great way for me to get well is… I feel […]