Kitchen Table Writing and non-fiction

I led an interesting workshop for the Colorado Authors League that had a mix of fiction and non-fiction writers.  The focus of this Write Hot! session is to tap techniques to free the hand to allow the genius to flow easily through the pen.

( Sample a Free WRITE HOT! workshop Feb 21 sponsored by Rocky Mt. Fiction Writers, Sat, 1-3 at Virginia Village Library.)

I encourage folks to type their fresh working, capturing their explorations exactly as it as after they have written by hand. Several non-fiction writers asked what was the purpose of saving this type of free writing when all they wanted to do was write their book.

I wonder if the question was really, “Is there any use for free writing after it is written or is it fluff?” I so strongly believe that if we allow the writing to come freely, for the genius to flow, we discover fresh material. Through Kitchen Table Writing,  we discover not only lines that can be useful in our non-fiction writing, but we release an energy that carries into our articles and non-fiction books.

I am reminded of the line in Carolyn Jennings poem, “Pages filled by your hand will lead to your own warm heart cupped all this time in your gentle palm.” Our information is already there, longing to be revealed on the page.  Anne