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Here’s an interesting book for an escape into the historic world of Gypsy Kings and Knights.  See what critics had to say.
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Emerald Silk
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by Janet Lane

Fearing spinsterhood, Kadriya, a twenty-year-old half-Gypsy raised by English nobility, has everything she wants but acceptance.  Dismissed by many noblemen who couldn’t see past her mixed heritage, she finally meets Teraf, an impetuous Gypsy tribal king visiting the horse fair.  He proposes, but her dream becomes a nightmare when he is accused of stealing an emerald chalice from a nearby abbey.  The fierce knight, John Wynter, delivers her fiancé to the gallows.  He hates foreigners, but it is this man alone who holds the key to her freedom, and her happiness.  In a single bell’s toll, her life and happiness rest on her finding the power of love – and one elusive chalice.

“Emerald Silk is an enchanting medieval romance filled with
passion, intrigue, and vividly drawn characters that leap off the page.  
I loved this novel!”
…. Tina St. John, RITA finalist and RT’s Reviewer’s Choice author

“Emerald Silk takes us on an exciting medieval adventure, with enough
passion and historical detail to satisfy the most demanding reader.”
… USA Today best-selling author Jasmine Cresswell

“A glowing jewel of a book, deep and colorful with just enough
‘silk’ to captivate.”  
… RITA-winning author Robin D. Owens

Rocky Mountain News
Book Review
Grade:  A
“This fast-moving, smoothly constructed historical novel quickly pulls readers into 15th-century England and its growing discrimination against Gypsies.

  Central to the plot is Kadriya, a beautiful half-Gypsy raised by an English noble family.  When she agrees to marry Teraf, a Gypsy tribal king, she doesn’t realize that he has stolen a valuable emerald-encrusted chalice from a nearby abbey.  With both the abbey and Teraf’s friends trying to recapture the chalice, their quest puts Kadriya in danger, testing her courage and loyalty.  It also lands her squarely in the middle of prejudice when she realizes that the abbot and his loyal knight John Wynter seek death for her and Teraf.
     Final Word:  Well-drawn characters and the strong sense of time and place will have readers rushing to read
 Tabor’s Trinket,  the prequel to this book.
               …. Joan Hinkemeyer for the Rocky Mountain News