Now you have written your scene.  What are the steps to bring tension to your scene.  Here is the first process.

To begin to a clarify specific scene and define what is
needed to make the scene work, go
through 10 to 25 pages of your work.  Make a large index card for each scene. 

On each card write the

  1. Name
    of the scene
  2. Characters
    in this scene
  3. Next
    to character name, write what this person wants at this specific moment
  4. Define
    the conflict between these characters at this time
  5. Create
    and magnify an obstacle in the scene
  6. Now,
    rewrite this scene.  Have one
    character want something and have the other character go to any level to
    keep them from getting their want.

Thinking of rewriting what we have already written is a
challenging thought, but starting with a blank page, now that you know what
needs to happen in a scene, is the best way to improve the writing.

Send me the notes you have on your card for one scene.  *protected email*