Let’s Get Back to Fresh Writing

All we need for our writing is TO GET GOING.   It is
easy to sit down in the chair when you write with START LINE. 
Here are a
few suggestions for 10 to 20 minutes segments.  Comment or email me your results
and receive an award.
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first always!”  Henry Miller

Try these start lines to ignite your
Begin with one of these openers.  
Enjoy!  Ignore, or create
your own!

The Trick:  Repeat the start line until ideas starts churning.
Write whatever comes out of
your pen.  Allow yourself to say anything, from
your “grocery list” to “I’m darn made at …”

Write 10 minutes or three
pages.  If you get stuck, repeat the start line. 

One writer surprised
at his reaction to his writing exclaimed, “It’s the pen’s fault!”
Try timed
writing.   Set a timer for at least 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 45 minutes. When the

buzzer goes off, give myself a few minutes to complete your work.  With
timed writing, your
body adjusts to the time, giving you a natural
beginning, middle and end. 

Tell yourself to “wrap up” and your body
will cap your time with a great closing line.  Let the pen lead!  

Begin with these Opening Lines: 

“If it wasn’t for…” 
“If only…” 
“What I really mean

2.    Try writing by subjects:  My Grandmother’s Closet, 
Cherries,  My Most Embracing Moment.

3.    Read what you wrote aloud. 
Mark the images that moved you.

4.    Write everyday and watch your
material grow! 

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