Magic at 1st Book Lover’s Salon

The WriteYourLifeStory group presented ME! in our 1st Book Lover’s Salon last night.  What a magical evening.  How wonderful for my writing to be listened to, appreciated, admired.  I am euphoric.  A warm and receptive audience of over 25 folks listened to the opening of the 1st 3 chapters of my “soontobecompleted” novel, THE SWEET NOT ENOUGH, set in Alabama, 1948.

What a privilege to have supportive friends.  Thanks for listening and laughing and crying and for being with us.  Much care, Anne

Great quotes from  Kitchen Table Writers.

“The mostwonderful work just pops out of my pen when I work from Anne’s prompts,
in the trusting, supportive atmosphere she creates.”  
Mysti Berry, San Francisco

Last night was wonderful. Listening to you read was joyous….I don’t know how else to describe it!

Writing with Anne stirs, stirs, stirs the pot.

When I’m done for the evening I feel more creative, confident and alive!  Lisa Eastin, Attorney