Viva Pate!

Here is a funny diet story involving me and diets.

   Yesterday I ran in the grocery store to buy milk while my husband waited in the very hot car.

       On the sales shelf was a small container marked Chicken and Herb Pate.  It sounded delicious and was reduced to 50 cents!  I grabbed one small can and then went back to the counter and grabbed two, all while my husband was sweating from heat. What a delicious treat for when I got home.
    So at home, I looked on the package for the Nutrition Stats. These are required on all food, but I couldn’t find anything that told me how much sugar, protein, carbs, etc. Was something wrong?
    When I searched even more, I found in small elegant print,  “Canine Pate.” 

I had planned to splurge on my diet.  But what I had bought for myself was Pate for a Dog! 

 Miss Lula loved it!