Any time you allow yourself to “free write,” when you let energy flow, tell your truth,
 touch your core,
 you are

Kitchen Table Writing

The essence of Kitchen Table Writing is to allow the pen to guide.  Let whatever comes out of your hand, your pen, hit the page.  Kitchen Table Writing is a time to begin your next chapter, develop a character, sort out a challenge, or describe the tree outside your window.

Free your writing spirit and let what needs to come through your subconscious erupt on the page.  

One Soup Kitchen Writer, surprised at what he had written, exclaimed,
“It’s the pen’s fault!”

Whether you write fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or brochures, Kitchen Table Writing is the time that you, the writer,
allow yourself to be fresh on the page.


First thing in the morning, take an extra 10 minutes.  Sit at your kitchen table with a notebook and your pen and let the energy flow out of your pen.  How about this opening line  “Starting means…”  

Let any words come out of your pen, it could even be your grocery list.

How did those 10 minutes feel?  Let me know.   *protected email*  

Now you have started.  Try writing tomorrow as well.