I asked some of our writers to share their writing rituals.  Here is my response to one writer.

“I love that you write on your deck.  Desks are good but often best for the editing process.  Having nature around you is inpirational and offers a clean slate.
It would be fun to create a ritual to start your work.  Early morning is a good time to do the 15 minutes before the cares of the day set in.  With a ritual, you can often put yourself into writing mode at any time by changing brain pattern.  I make a cup of Celestial Seasoning Victorian Earl Grey tea with milk.  It has to be this exact brand to stimulate my writing tastes. In the film, Shakespeare in Love our friend Bill turns around three times in one spot before he creates.  I’d love to know what you come up with. ”

What rituals do you have for writing?  Let me know what you create.  Anne  www.WriteYourLifeStory.org