One Kitchen Table Writer expressed concern which led to a possible block about not knowing what you are writing, or not being able to figure out what you have to say. 
I strongly believe that through the writing our intent and our deeper message comes.  Rather than thinking of what we want to say first, I suggest that through the motion of the pen in a regular, relaxed session that this meaning will develop.  Sometimes we work so hard at trying to find what we want to say that it becomes difficult to actually say it. 
One of our Rules of the Road is “Think tomorrow. Today, let the energy flow.”  A prompt that can help allow the meaning to come forth is to begin a writing session with, “What I really want to say is…” 

Now let the pen write anything, be free, and see what begins to develop.  If you get dry, then repeat the opening line.  Try this for a couple of days and see what gets said.

Anne  www.KitchenTableWriting.com