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Rules of the Road!

From my workbook Soup Kitchen Writing: An Easy Guide to Kitchen Table Writing – 10 Rules for “Fresh Writing.”  Rule #4:  Go With The Flow!  Check the critic at the door. When we begin our writing sessions, before we have clicked into the zone of writing, sometimes the critic slips in on little cat feet […]

One winged guests

Can you imagine how creepy it is to serve one’s guests a one winged baked chicken?  Such was the case last Sunday featuring a chicken purchased from one Denver market.  Maybe the meat department is liberating one wing per chicken for their buffalo wing inventory.  Slow way to get rich–fast way to freak out a […]

Thanksgiving Inspiration!

On Thanksgiving Day we acknowledge our dependence.  ~ William Jennings Bryan As you prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, what rituals of the holiday will you perform?  Take some time to write about this day!  Why is it important to you?  Who do you celebrate with? Why do we continue the same rituals year after year, […]

Write During The Holidays!

The holidays and time with family can conjure up some very powerful feelings and memories. Why not commit them to paper?  It may seem challenging to maintain a “write each day” commitment during the busy holiday season, but go ahead, commit to write at least a sentence a day.  More is even better!  If you get stuck, try […]


A friend just posted this picture on Facebook.  A picture out of the past in my song and dance days.  How great to remember those creative days.  Are we still creating? Yes, yes,  Can you tell which is me? 

Let The Writing Begin!

You can write with a ball point, a crayon, or a $500 pen.  You can write on an envelope, a scrap of paper, spiral pad, or a gold leaf leather bound memorabilia notebook from an art store.  You can use clear files, colored folders, plastic pouches, or an antique portfolio. How many times have you […]

Get Going With Your Writing!

“Write first always!”  Henry Miller All we need for our writing is TO GET GOING.   It is easy to sit down in the chair when you write with a START LINE.   The Trick:  Repeat the start line until ideas starts churning. Write whatever comes out of your pen.  Allow yourself to say anything, from your “grocery […]