Let The Writing Begin!

You can write with a ball point, a crayon, or a $500 pen.  You can write on an envelope, a scrap of paper, spiral pad, or a gold leaf leather bound memorabilia notebook from an art store.  You can use clear files, colored folders, plastic pouches, or an antique portfolio.

How many times have you searched for the exact color of ink, right notebook, most comfortable pen.  But are these steps of avoidance? Will searching for the best filing system help you write?

Somewhere next to your elbow is a pencil or pen.  Under your left arm is scrap of paper. Writing is writing, no matter what the instrument.  

Your role is to write. To let pour out of you the story that is already there. To ground, to clarify, to ruminate.

The search for the right equipment is only a step keeping you from the point.  Forget fear, forget shopping for the right pen.  Sit at your table, on a sofa, in your favorite arm chair.  The role is to write. Grab whatever is near,

My challenge:  grab the first writing utensil you can reach, a scrap of paper and let the pen move!  Allowing the hand to move through the pen is the point.

Beauty, utility, organizing is for later.  Let the pen move.  Let the writing begin!