Rules of the Road!

From my workbook Soup Kitchen Writing: An Easy Guide to Kitchen Table Writing – 10 Rules for “Fresh Writing.” 

Rule #4:  Go With The Flow!  Check the critic at the door.

When we begin our writing sessions, before we have clicked into the zone of writing, sometimes the critic slips in on little cat feet ready to haunt us.  Some voice we have heard in the past, some warning that tempts to hold back creativity loves to stop us in our tracks. 

The critic has a place in the afternoon when we are editing, or the voice that says, “Stop, Look and Listen” to keep us from crossing the street without caution.  But… this critic, mean old Aunt Minnie, your mother’s voice, an admonishing father, all can make us strive for perfection and immobilize to creating.

Before we begin our work, CHECK THE CRITIC AT THE DOOR.  If that nasty buggy won’t stay outside your house, then imagine a bubble in front of you.  Put that demon little wiggler in a bubble, and like letting go of a balloon, let the bubble go.  Let it drift out of your space, your house, your neighborhood, way to the edge of the universe.  Then gently or with great aplume, explode the bubble.  Hurrah!  If exploding seems too harsh, dissolve it.  Let it fade away.  Make fireworks and let it go.  You are free.  You have permission.  So now sit down and write freely.  Celebrate your progress!  Get to writing.