What a great testament as to why we write. Katherine Carol, author of Tango: Dance of Self Discovey,
is a regular member of our www.WriteYourLifeStory.org workshop.  Through www.TheBookShepherds.com she helps writers publish and promote their books.  Why do you write? 

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For Anne

With this writing, I want to tell a powerful story—my story. This
amazing journey down the corridors of life is like most lives,
paradoxically mixed with beauty and pain, growth and redemption
highlighted with creativity and shadowed and transformed by tumultuous
and quickly changing times we live in.  We live in remarkable times and
I am a remarkable woman.  There—I said it.

With this writing, I have come to know myself and share my experiences.
Many of which I have held tucked away in a secluded part of my earthly
experience,  afraid the strength of those experiences would shatter the
normal, somewhat redundant rhythms of other people’s lives.

But here, in the warmth of kitchen, writing with friends—I am heard.

My words still learning to find their proper place on the page,
encouraged, appreciated and even praised. In essence, I have written
myself into wholeness. There are no longer secrets hidden between the
lines of life.

My secrets, my inner wanderings and questions are filling out the pages
with truth—my truth.  It is my hope we can find solace in the truth of
our lives.  I want this writing to give instruction to those I love to
look deeply, freely into the magnificent beings they are and tell their
stories, too.

Katherine Carol
Write Your Life Story, 2010