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 Wendy wrote with us on Wed AM Terrific description of how our workshop works. Here’s the whole post.

At a recent event for writers, I dropped my business card into the fish bowl on Anne Randolph’s display table. She was there promoting the various workshops she offers, both online and in person, and she was giving away a free workshop. Well, lo and behold, it seemed to be my lucky day! I won one of her Kitchen Table Writing workshops, one that she does out of her home.

I arrived at her home this past week, not really knowing what to expect from the workshop or if I would get anything from the experience that would be personally beneficial. But I’m always willing to try new things and the fact that it was free certainly didn’t hurt.

I spent two and a half hours in Anne’s workshop along with seven other folks who attended. Anne was very welcoming and gracious and she kept everyone hydrated and fueled with berries, pastries and two-bite brownies. Yum. But the best part of the workshop was Anne’s skill and direction to getting us writing. She shared conversation and poetry then directed us to put pen to paper and just write. Even if all we could think of was gibberish, just write. And I did and it was wonderful.

Next came sharing our work with the group (if you wanted to; no pressure) and then hearing their feedback. It was done from a very positive place — not as a critique but as an identification of those images or phrases that stayed with or impressed the listeners.

The whole workshop was a really great experience. The camaraderie in the group was inspiring and the approach to writing and creating was extremely positive. I was reminded about how much I love to “just write” and felt exhilarated by it. And to share the experience with like-minded people was fun and delightful.

I went into the workshop without any expectations came out of it invigorated and happy. Anne – hope to see you again soon! Learn more about Anne’s workshops here: