When In Doubt – Improvise!

Having a hard time getting started?  Creative writing can be like holding an improv acting class in your head!  Use some of these start lines to begin crafting your story.  Write whatever comes to your mind.  Use the tools in your writers’ toolbox to shape it and give it depth, the same way a gifted improvisational actor takes audience suggestions and makes a scene out of them: 

“If only…”
“She could have…”
“At any time…”


Or take a situation like the one below and see where it takes you:


Your best friend is divorcing her husband to continue her affair with the father of your children.  You see her in the grocery store.  Do you say anything?  Can you still like her?  Are you relieved?  What do you say?   Write this as a scene.


Just let the pen lead and see where it takes you.  And … Scene!