The Story Of Your Life

Thinking about writing your life story?  Good for you!  The task can definitely be daunting, so one of things I always recommend is creating an outline of the steps you need to take to accomplish this, as well as setting a realistic time frame for the project (make the time frame ambitious, but one that you can and will stick to).


Next, think about articulating the theme and message of your book.  Once you know the direction and tone you want to take, telling your story is that much easier. You also want to decide what audience you want to reach.  You’ve heard the saying that “You can’t be all things to all people.” Well, neither can your life story.  Decide on your desired audience and start targeting your writing that way.  

To help flesh out your story, dig for facts and resources by looking through old photos, family recipes, scrapbooks, letters and public records – these are all great resources and may be the source of some unexpected gems of information! 

Last but certainly not least, read excerpts from published memoirs. Find a style that you like and that is comfortable to you as a writer.  There is no better way to learn to write than by reading what others have written, and written well.


Good luck – and thanks for deciding to share your story!