You’re Ready To Share Your Story – Now What?


Congratulations!  Your story is worth telling, and I applaud you for recognizing that fact.  Learn to keep your inner critic at bay as you move through this process; don’t let doubt creep in.   


You know it’s a good story.  Now you are ready to share it with the world!  First, I recommend finding a professional editor to hone your work.  A fresh perspective is always a good thing, and a fresh professional perspective is even better.  Next, select the right publisher for your story.  You already started the selection process when you determined your story’s target audience, as different publishers serve different niche markets.  But, that being said, don’t leave it all to the professionals.  No one will share the passion for your story that you have.  Learn some marketing techniques of your own so you can help get your story out there.  Let your light shine!