Keep Positive Energy Flowing into Your Writing

I recently received repeated scathing emails from someone who had their writing edited and reviewed for comments and were not satisfied.. One of their complaints was that there were too many good comments made about their work.

I choose to make this a lesson about putting good energy into our writing.  It is easy to obsess and dwell on something that bothers us, even if the comment is good. 

Here is the response that I sent this writer.

Dear Writer,
Receiving comments on one’s work is always an objective process.  So is the selection of manuscripts by agents and editors. Some publishers may like your work and others may not. Getting different opinions is a part of the business of writing.  There are times when we do not agree with the comments that someone has made, but that gives an opportunity for the writer to find her own seniority and authority in her writing.

I suggest that you spend your energy and time on developing your craft and not on attacking people who have gladly reviewed you work and expressed their opinion.  Putting positive energy into your writing experience can benefit you in more ways than you might imagine. Good luck with your future writing projects.

Obsessing on things that disturb us is a great way to avoid sitting in the chair and developing our work.  Any suggestions on things to do to change the energy of obsessing to positive energy in our creativity?