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Books As Part of Our Lives

For years, libraries have been holding used book sales as fundraisers.  Bibliophiles still flock to these events to find hidden treasures, but how will the ever-widening availability of free e-books from libraries impact this significant source of income?  Will people always crave the tactile act of holding a book and turning its pages, or will […]

Writing About Life-Changing Moments

Today as we mark the anniversary of 9-11, we reflect on many things – courage, sacrifice, patriotism.  So many lives were changed forever on that day ten years ago.    We have all experienced life-changing moments.  Have you written about yours yet?  It is a critical piece of your life story and must be included, […]

Tips on Writing Fiction

I wrote a recent response to comments on novel and developed this list of things about writing fiction that I know.  Thought these might be useful to share.  What do you know specifically about writing fiction that can guide your work?  These things I have learned about writing fiction.                   I know not to […]