Tips on Writing Fiction

I wrote a recent response to comments on novel and developed this list of things about writing fiction that I know.  Thought these might be useful to share. 

What do you know specifically about writing fiction that can guide your work? 

These things I have learned about writing fiction.


                I know not to lay the subtext on the surface, but in an attempt to make the wants of characters clear.

                I know to attach a scene or story to a specific POV, rather than wander aimlessly from person to person, and point to point.

                I know that there is a progression of cause and effect. That one incident or relationship leads to and influences or alters the next.

                I know to motivate and develop character by having him change from each experience, relationship, incident and scene, leading to an ultimate change.

                I know that “fixing” the material is not enough to flesh out a scene, but that a scene becomes better if it is rewritten from a blank page, hopefully solving systemic issues in the work.    

                I know to create characters and story lines that are not stereotypical, condescending, patronizing, melodramatic, or obvious.

               I know that the story needs a writer and will not get written without moving the pen or touching the keyboard.

              So let’s all get back to work.