Writing About Life-Changing Moments

Today as we mark the anniversary of 9-11, we reflect on many things – courage, sacrifice, patriotism.  So many lives were changed forever on that day ten years ago. 


We have all experienced life-changing moments.  Have you written about yours yet?  It is a critical piece of your life story and must be included, but where to begin?  Start with the basics – where you were, who you were with, what day and time was it?  But then turn to the details –they will help flesh out your story and give it depth.  What color was the sky, what was the weather like, what were you wearing, what emotions were you feeling?  Take yourself back to that moment and include every detail you can think of.


Including these specifics in your life story will make it more real.  Readers will connect with your honesty and feel that you have really shared with them.  I’d love to hear how your writing is going, and if these tips are helpful.  Please leave me a comment and let me know!