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Create Your Own Masterpiece!

Johannes Vermeer’s famous painting, Girl With A Pearl Earring, inspired a book by the same name by contemporary author Tracy Chevalier.  Creating her own version of the circumstances surrounding the painting of this masterpiece, Chevalier’s book was a literary sensation. Your exercise for this week is to select a piece of art and free write […]

What Would You Ask?

Terry PratchettA good friend of mine who lives in Seattle recently bought tickets to a presentation by author Terry Pratchett, who was discussing his latest book, “Snuff.”  The hall, which holds 900 people, was packed to the rafters!  It is encouraging that readers will still come out to hear authors talk about their work.  And […]

Write From The Heart

When someone you’re talking with is really passionate about something, you can see a gleam in their eye. When you’re writing about something you are passionate about, your readers need to “see that gleam” in your writing.  I find that the best way to share my passion is to make sure I am writing about […]

Live Your Dream

The popular blog Married With Luggage details the lives of a 40-year-old Seattle couple who, one year ago, sold everything they owned and began a three-year journey around the world.  Imagine the great experiences they will have to write about when they write their life stories!   They have done what many of us never do, and that […]