Great Expectations

The holidays can be a time of joy, nostalgia, big celebrations and even bigger expectations. The only problem with expectations is that they can often go unmet.  Many people have a very clear picture in mind of what the holidays should be, and when things don’t go as envisioned – well, that’s when things can get interesting.  Think about a time when your expectations were dashed – how did you feel, and how did those around you treat you?  Did they even know what your expectations were?


Unmet expectations can be used to create conflict in your writing.   When the expectations of a main character are not met, how do your other characters react?  Are they sympathetic, indifferent, scornful?  Draw from your own experiences to give life to this conflict.  Try this exercise – write for 10 minutes about the following:
One year during the holidays, I expected to get _______, but instead received _________.  Let me know what you come up with!