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A Whole New World

Many of us have great memories of reading books as a child. Our love of reading is part of why we chose to be writers!  The books that we read as kids had a huge impact on who we became as adults.  So imagine that, as a child, your world goes from one workbook, to an entire universe of […]

In Celebration of the Irish

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, the time is right to pay tribute to a much-maligned art form – the limerick.  While limericks didn’t originate in Ireland, we have the town of Limerick for putting them on the map, so to speak.    Although bawdy humor or bad taste may come to mind when you hear […]

Birth of a Bookstore

Acclaimed novelist Ann Patchett was facing a cultural void in her hometown of Nashville after a popular independent bookstore closed.  But rather than spend time wringing her hands about it, she decided to do something about it.  The result is Parnassus Books, a new independent bookstore opened by Patchett and business partner Karen Hayes late […]