See Yourself In Print!

Have you ever wanted to see yourself in print – on your Kindle?  It’s actually really easy!  Just log in to your Amazon account, go to Manage My Kindle, then pick Personal Documents Settings.  Here, you can see the e-mail address that has been automatically assigned to your Kindle, as well as determine which e-mail addresses are authorized to send documents to your Kindle (after all, who wants Spam?).  Once you have this done, you can receive and read Word documents, PDFs and many other document types on your device.  It can be very affirming to see your work come to life this way, so the next time you’ve got a piece finished – even if it’s just a chapter – why not try it out?  (And if you have any trouble setting it up, just call the friendly folks at Amazon.  They have awesome customer service and are happy to help you!)