Find Time To Write In Your Daily Life

trainI always encourage my students to carve time out of every day for their writing. Establishing a routine and nurturing the self-discipline to stick to that routine is so important! Writer Peter Brett of Brooklyn did just that by using his daily commute time – to work and back every day – to complete his first novel.  It only recently hit the shelves in the US, but is already a bestseller overseas. In two years of commutes, he completed 10,000 words by typing it on his smartphone. While I always encourage writers to write by hand whenever possible, his method obviously worked for him.

Read more about him here.


  • I like the story about Peter Brett writing his novel on his smartphone over 2 years of his work commute. Very inspiring. I can write anywhere. Usually carry index cards along so I’m always ready to write.

    Dana BennettMay 23, 2013

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