The Blessed Index Card!

index cards.13The Power of the Card


A writing friend in San Francisco from the Screenwriters Conference in Santa Fe wrote about a new technique she added to her writing.  I love this idea because I use it with my class. 

“Creating Cards” is a major concept I encourage writers to incorporate to open the brain to new connections. I suggest making a card for each scene. Be sure to date the card so you know when it was made. 

Here is what my friend wrote:  index cards scenes more.13

I’d taken a few years off from writing of all kinds. And about six or eight months ago, I started a new script. And as part of that script, I changed the way I outlined … and that has made all the difference!

I’m outlining now on index cards (revolutionary, I know!), one card for each scene – and it has really, really changed everything. I write a scene on a card, turn the card over and ask myself, “What comes next?” It has just made a *huge* difference.

Soooo …. this Turning the Cards has sparked several ideas for me.

index card scenes.13
One of those ideas is a new opening to a script I wrote a few years back, and so I’m rewriting that. By turning the cards, I’ve taken 15 pages out of the first act, which I am incredibly excited about!

I love this idea.

Try your hand at making card and let me know what “Turning Cards” has opened in your writing. Would love to hear from you.

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