Jane Austen at QB?

The popularity of fantasy football has exploded in recent years, exposing football fans to the talents and skills of players beyond their hometown favorites. If you’re not familiar with how it works – participants draft their favorite players from across all teams to create one “dream team” (which then plays against other dream teams each week). The winners get – well, mostly bragging rights, but who doesn’t love a little good competition?

So let’s apply the same concept to writers. Pick your favorite playwright, poet, novelist, humorist and essayist to create your dream team – from across all eras. So who would be on your team? Shakespeare for playwriting, or would you go the Arthur Miller route? Emily Dickinson, Yeats, or Dylan Thomas for poetry? Then there are always those who can play two different positions – Oscar Wilde for playwriting or novels, for example. Share in the comments below who would be on your Fantasy Writing Team. I can’t wait to hear what you come up with (and don’t forget to name your team)!