Lasting Inspiration

We’ve all heard the plea, “For less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can change a life.” But in this case it’s really true! You can pick up the Kindle version of Stories Gathered at the Kitchen Table for less than the cost of your favorite gourmet coffee drink. And I think reading these stories will change your life for the better. So the question is, are you looking for a quick rush, or lasting inspiration? The stories told by the courageous, funny and trailblazing women in this collection will stay with you for a lifetime. After spending hours upon hours with these women, helping to tease out their stories, I have huge respect for their writing abilities, but even more respect for their hearts. Every single writer left a part of herself in this collection, the result of which is the perfect blend (without all that caffeine!). If you want to learn how to tell your own story, check out one of my writing classes or workshops for yourself.  You will be surprised at the new writer you discover – YOU!