Writing long hand, as I learned in your workshop this summer, is bringing on all kinds of unexpected creativity. 

Vicki PiercePast Editor RMFW Newsletter

I like the adventure of writing something new each day,  never knowing exactly what will manifest itself on the page!

Dara StillmanNicaragua/Denver

I caught part of the online interview you recently gave. You hit the “passion” of writing completely (and accurately) smack squarely on the head. I hope to hear more of them. (from interview: RockStarRadio with Author U “#14 Writing Strategies Dos and Dont’s”)

Jake JacobsVoice By Jake

Every time I hear the material I am lifted up by all of the different voices. I’m so glad that we are sharing them with other women. So many thanks again for creating that safe, sharing space for us.

Jean CaggianoWrite Your Life Story / Writer, Reader

I love the writing class.  What a great group of woman… Their stories fill my heart, awaken my soul and push me forward.. Thank you for gifting this wonderful time.  When I go to write, in my mind’s eye, your garden is there…

Terri Ann Van LandschootWriterParker Station

What a gift you bring… it was amazing how you brought out the creative writing in each writer. Everyone went into deep feelings to write meaningfully. We could never have just sat down and written with such emotion.

You set the stage to help each author write with creativity and feeling. That’s what connects writers with their audience.

What a fun class….

Carol NaffBusiness/Marketing Consultant, Speaker, Author
Mariner Company Coaching