Stories Gathered at the Kitchen Table: A Collection of Women’s Memoirs

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postcardBold women from Kitchen Table Writing workshops share stories that led them to find confidence to become business women, leaders, mothers, healers, and trendsetters. In the safe haven of Kitchen Table Writing, these young creators and seasoned innovators from the 1950’s to Columbine create life stories that resonate with women across generations.

Anne Randolph: Editor

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Back row:  Peggy Dillon-Jackson, Anne Randolph, Susan Morrison Williams, Philippe Dunoyer, Carolyn Fineran, Jean Caggiano / Center row: Valerie Brinkworth, Shirley Ann Dormish, Alice Borodkin, Ruth Krebs, Megan Evans / Front row: Cynthia Aschenbrenner, Katherine Carol, Marie Picasso, Krista Hanley, Esther Acosta / Not pictured: Taryn Browne, Melody Jones,  Jennifer Ross, Terri Ann VanLandshoot, Sue Weinstock


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