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And The Oscar Goes To …


Following the Best Picture accolades at this week’s Academy Awards, sales of Solomon Northup’s book “12 Years A Slave” jumped from number 326 on the Amazon bestseller list, to number 19! Are you encouraged or disappointed that it takes something like this for a great book to be rediscovered? Of all of the nominees for […]

The Blessed Index Card!

index cards.13

The Power of the Card   A writing friend in San Francisco from the Screenwriters Conference in Santa Fe wrote about a new technique she added to her writing.  I love this idea because I use it with my class.  “Creating Cards” is a major concept I encourage writers to incorporate to open the brain […]

Got Leftovers?

What to do with all of those leftovers?  An American tradition almost as deeply-entrenched as Thanksgiving itself is finding creative ways to use that leftover turkey!  From soup to enchiladas, to sandwiches and casseroles, just about anything goes!   Do you have any writing “leftovers” that you don’t know what to do with?  Pull out […]

New Technology: THE BOOK!

Check out this video.  A new invention: THE BOOK! It’s in French, but you’ll understand.  Any thoughts about this innovative invention?Click:     click:                                              THE BOOK! BONUS:Become a FAN, click “LIKE”  at […]

Keep Positive Energy Flowing into Your Writing

I recently received repeated scathing emails from someone who had their writing edited and reviewed for comments and were not satisfied.. One of their complaints was that there were too many good comments made about their work. I choose to make this a lesson about putting good energy into our writing.  It is easy to […]

Great description of Kitchen Table Writing workshop

Catch this blog about our   Wendy wrote with us on Wed AM Terrific description of how our workshop works. Here’s the whole post. At a recent event for writers, I dropped my business card into the fish bowl on Anne Randolph’s display table. She was there promoting the various workshops she offers, both […]

Rules of the Road!

From my workbook Soup Kitchen Writing: An Easy Guide to Kitchen Table Writing – 10 Rules for “Fresh Writing.”  Rule #4:  Go With The Flow!  Check the critic at the door. When we begin our writing sessions, before we have clicked into the zone of writing, sometimes the critic slips in on little cat feet […]

Tips to Brilliant Editing

Step One:  Reread the entire work to glean what you are actually trying to say. Step Two:  Make index cards for each scene to sort out structure.  Step Three: Know your characters thoroughly  from Karen Reddick, The Red Pen Editor, author of Grammar Done Right Step Four: Evaluate your structure.                     Are there […]