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Monroeville, Alabama. Pop. 6,519

Monroeville's Courthouse - the setting for much of the action in To Kill A Mockingbird

Residents of Monroeville, Alabama recently gathered to celebrate the release of famous resident Harper Lee’s long lost novel, “Go Set A Watchman.” The book release festivities featured an Atticus Finch impersonator, food trucks to feed the crowds, and commemorative silver mugs that could be purchased (with the promise of a cocktail to fill it later […]

Where Are They Now?

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In my recent blog post, I shared many of my favorite things about the great state of Alabama, where I was born and raised. Many famous writers hail from Alabama, including Fannie Flagg, Truman Capote and his childhood friend Harper Lee. Lee’s forthcoming novel, Go Set A Watchman, long thought to be lost, is set […]

FREE Workshops in February!


I always love the opportunity to gather with other writers! Please plan to join me for these FREE February programs and learn to find your voice. First up is CHANGE FACT TO FICTION, a great workshop that helps you use your own life story to explore character, conflict, voice and metaphor. Next up will be […]

The Blessed Index Card!

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The Power of the Card   A writing friend in San Francisco from the Screenwriters Conference in Santa Fe wrote about a new technique she added to her writing.  I love this idea because I use it with my class.  “Creating Cards” is a major concept I encourage writers to incorporate to open the brain […]

What Would You Ask?

Terry PratchettA good friend of mine who lives in Seattle recently bought tickets to a presentation by author Terry Pratchett, who was discussing his latest book, “Snuff.”  The hall, which holds 900 people, was packed to the rafters!  It is encouraging that readers will still come out to hear authors talk about their work.  And […]

New Technology: THE BOOK!

Check out this video.  A new invention: THE BOOK! It’s in French, but you’ll understand.  Any thoughts about this innovative invention?Click:     click:                                              THE BOOK! BONUS:Become a FAN, click “LIKE”  at […]

Great description of Kitchen Table Writing workshop

Catch this blog about our   Wendy wrote with us on Wed AM Terrific description of how our workshop works. Here’s the whole post. At a recent event for writers, I dropped my business card into the fish bowl on Anne Randolph’s display table. She was there promoting the various workshops she offers, both […]

Find Your Character’s Motivation

Now that you have done some work developing your character, you can start delving deeper.  Try exploring and expanding the character’s range with guesswork about their home, family and lifestyle.  Develop a backstory – in essence, drop the reader into a trap door of the character’s past. You can even explore what your character dreams about.  All […]

Developing A Character Sketch

Now that you’ve developed a character profile, take it a step further and create the character sketch.  The sketch adds further depth to the character you are creating. While many of the factors used in the profile are “givens” (such as gender, age, birthplace, etc.), the specifics of the sketch often represent choices the character […]

Remembering after two years!

I spent a great weekend at the Author U Extravaganza talking with publishers, writers, and printers.  Eric Kampmann, President of MidPoint Trade Books remembered being a part of one of my writing workshops at a conference in 2009 where he was a keynote speaker.  At lunch, Eric asked me to tell a colleague what his […]